Introducing our dogs: Luka, the Golden Retriever

This is Luka, our Golden Retriever and one of the many dogs that we have!

Just like the rest of our dogs, we adopted Luka from an animal rescue centre. He arrived in the centre when he was just 6 weeks old and had been there for 4 weeks before we took him to our home. Luckily for him and his brothers and sisters, the whole litter was adopted in mere weeks!

One of my sons (James) lives in Twickenham and he visited the Twickenham Animal Rescue wanting to adopt a dog himself. However, when James sent me the pictures that he took of Luka in the rescue centre, I fell in love with the dog and we drove all the way from Hendon to Twickenham to adopt Luka. My son adopted one of his brothers too, and he frequently brings Luka’s brother to play with Luka!

If you’re interested in adopting a dog, please have a look at the Facebook page of the Twickenham Animal Rescue center!

Twickenham Animal Rescue center



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