Neutering advice from Animal Care

I am a big believe in neutering foster animals that are adopted. It makes sense and you will be after all giving a much better life to the dog. Here is what Animal Care, a non-profit pro-animal organisation has to say about neutering.

We strongly recommend that all dogs should be neutered as it will prevent various illnesses, stop wandering, help to stop unsociable behaviour and prevent unwanted litters.

Male dogs can be neutered from 6 months of age. Bitches are usually neutered after their first season, although some vets will also neuter them at 6 months of age.

Dogs are very resilient and soon recover from the operation

Animal Care now neuters all cats and dogs before they go to their new homes or a special voucher is given to anyone who adopts a dog or cat who is unable to be neutered before going home (if they are too young for instance). This is why our adoption donations have had to be increased to help cover some of the costs involved with neutering. If you ring around the vets and ask how much it will cost, you will realise what a super offer this is. It really is the most sensible and responsible action to take.

If you have a cat that needs neutering please ring Animal Care on 01524 65495 for details of low cost neutering even if your not on benefits.



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