Backing the Plymouth Hunt Saboteurs!

Plymouth Hunt Saboteurs have been actively campaigning against all forms of bloodsports for over ten years. As a group it has saved many animals from a cruel and unnecessary death, by using tactics which do not harm any animal, including the hunt’s horses and hounds.

We go out most Saturdays using available transport. Street collections, leafleting, pub collections and educational stalls are also done to raise funds and to educate the public about the barbaric practices of hunting.

Most of our groups activities are based in the counties of Devon and Cornwall, but we do occasionally travel further a field to join up with other groups in Somerset and Dorset. There are also other anti-blood sports groups in Torquay, Cornwall and East Devon.

We mainly sabotage ‘houndsports’, which is the hunting of an animal with a pack of hounds and not one or two dogs. The houndsports we mostly sabotage are: foxhunting, hare hunting and mink hunting. We also campaign against other bloodsports such as Stag and Deer hunting, Shooting, Hare Coursing, Badger Baiting, Fishing and Dog & Cock fighting.

Plymouth Hunt Saboteurs puts most of it’s efforts into SAVING animals lives, but when, as a group it has time, it takes on campaigns such as Council bans, laws to protect animals and the leafleting of hunt meets to gain support from anti-hunt residents.

We are also active with other local and national like-minded groups to make the public aware of all aspects of animal cruelty and promote a more ethical lifestyle.



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